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“ A wise woman builds her house…” Proverbs 14:1 NKJV

Worth Above Rubies is a ministry established to enrich and empower the lives of women and their families. This is accomplished by teaching spiritual principles and practical skills to women ages 18-50+, which enable them to be more effective home managers and to strengthen vital relationships in their homes.

  • We help women to create home environments that are filled with love and are permeated by peace.
  • We offer practical skills to help women balance their lives more effectively.
  • We encourage women to have a healthy self image.
  • We admonish the younger women to lovingly and with dignity serve their husbands and to train their children.

Founded on the Titus 2:3-5 principle our heartwarming, housewarming (H2) sessions and weekend retreats offer women spiritual, relational, and practical guidance to help them to better navigate the seasons of their lives, all in the comfort of a relaxed home environment. We bring together younger women especially with a team of seasoned older women to teach, to share, to mentor and to encourage younger women during the “THICK” times in life of child bearing, child rearing and beyond . Whether she is married, single, divorced, widowed or a single parent, the principles that are imparted during our H2 sessions are guaranteed to provide spiritual and practical wisdom and encouragement through the challenging moments.

We desire for women to have heaven on earth, beginning in their hearts and carrying over into the changes they make in their homes. We know that only love can change a human heart and only love can warm the heart of a home. Come, join us for a H2 session and let us love you into being the best person you can be.



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